Who is the speaker in the poem "For My Mother (May I Inherit Half Her Strength)" by Lorna Goodison?  

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The speaker is the daughter of the incredibly strong woman referenced in the title. She is the daughter of this woman, who was the "child of the petite bourgeoisie," who had a trousseau and things with "French-turned names," who wore a veil that was "fifteen chantilly yards long" and hosted a wedding the likes that no one in "Harvey River, Hanover" had ever before seen. This same woman, the speaker's mother, later learned to "work miracles" over her sewing machine or stove, feeding nearly two dozen people on a stew with nothing but "fallen-from-the-head cabbage leaves and a carrot and a cho-cho and a palmful of meat." This family did not have much, and the speaker's mother seems to have had to make a lot of sacrifices—giving up a much easier life to be with the...

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