Who were some of the reformers of the Progressive Movement in the first two decades of the twentieth century?

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The reformers of the Progressive Movement were educated, urban, middle-class Americans. They included writers, teachers, and politicians. They hoped to expose the problems that existed in our society.

Upton Sinclair wrote a book called The Jungle. This book exposed the dirty conditions in the meat industry. It helped lead to the passage of the Meat Inspection Act in 1907.

John Spargo wrote The Bitter Cry of the Children. This book dealt with the exploitation of children who worked in factories. It led to the passage of child labor laws.

Lincoln Steffens wrote The Shame of the Cities. It was about the political corruption that existed in our cities. It helped bring about various political reforms including the referendum, initiative, and recall.

These reformers worked to correct the abuses that they believed existed in our country. Through their efforts, many changes were made in our country between 1900-1920.

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