What were the arguments of some people who were critical of imperialism? In History, the age of Imperialism is often pictured as one sided. However, there must have been people or groups of people who stood against Imperialism. Are there any particular or prominent ones? What were their arguments/ideals?

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In the United States, one of the most prominent people to oppose imperialism was the author Mark Twain.  Twain opposed imperialism on the grounds that America was not really trying to help the countries that it imperialized.

Twain believed that it would be good to help other countries become more like the United States.  However, he did not believe that American imperialism was aimed at this goal.  Instead, he thought that the US was pursuing an empire as a way to make the US richer and more powerful.  He thought that the US was going against its own democratic ideals instead of helping other countries to achieve them.

So, one strand of the argument against imperialism was that it was an attempt to exploit other countries rather than to help them become more democratic and more like the United States.

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