Who are some of the female characters in the short story collection Krik? Krak!

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The short story collection Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat is a collection of nine short stories, most of which are told by a female narrator or follow female main characters.

Here, I'll break down each female character by short story:


"Children of the Sea" - an unnamed female narrator in love with the unnamed male narrator; Célianne, a pregnant teenager.

"Nineteen Thirty-Seven" - Josephine, a young woman who cannot talk when she visits her mother in prison; Manman, Josephine's mother who is imprisoned for being a witch; Jacqueline, a woman who becomes a surrogate mother for Josephine by performing some of the same rituals Manman used to.

"A Wall of Fire Rising" - Lili, a wife who must work to provide for her son because her husband has difficulty doing so.

"Night Women" - an unnamed female narrator, single mother, and prostitute.

"Between the Pool and the Gardenias" - Marie, the daughter of Josephine from "Nineteen Thirty-Seven."

"The Missing Peace" - Lamort, a teenage girl who frequently takes foreigners to the local cemetery; Lamort's grandmother, constantly judges Lamort; Emilie Gallant, an American journalist searching for her own mother.

"Seeing Things Simply" - Princesse, a young student who poses nude for Catherine; Catherine, the foreign painter who paints Princesse.

"New York Day Women" - Suzette, a Haitian woman who works in Downtown New York; Suzette's mother, an immigrant from Haiti who wants Suzette to be more like her and less like the women in New York.

"Caroline's Wedding" - Grace, an immigrant from Haiti who struggles with being neither fully American nor Haitian; Caroline, Grace's sister about to get married; Ma, Grace and Caroline's mother.


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