In "Into the Wild," who are some of Chris's hero? Why?Identify one problem that Chris had and describes how he solved it.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Christopher was influenced by Leo Tolstoy and Jack London.  He had developed a dislike for the American government's policies and he wanted to escape into the country as a traveler.  He admired the rough and rugged stories of Jack London and these stories eventually lead him to Alaska.  Tolstoy's writings were anti-government and society, this influenced Christopher in his disillusionment with America too. 

One of the challenges Christopher faced was finding shelter in the Alaskan winter.  He solved this problem by finding an abandoned bus and setting it up for his living needs.  Someone had obviously stayed there in the past and he moved in and tried to modify it with heat, carrying water, and using it as a shelter.

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