Give examples of characters in Romeo and Juliet that are guilty of moving too fast, such as Romeo and Juliet falling in love.

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Youthful impulsiveness is a theme throughout the play. There are several examples of impetuous behavior:

  • During the street brawl at the opening of the play, Tybalt arrives on the scene and challenges Benvolio to a duel, even as Benvolio attempts to quell the fighting;
  • Romeo goes from being hopelessly in love with Rosaline to suddenly falling for Juliet, and Juliet with him;
  • Mercution steps in when Tybalt insults Romeo, leading to a fatal fight with Tybalt;
  • Romeo is seized with desire for revenge and kills Tybalt, not thinking ahead of the consequences;
  • Romeo grabs a dagger to stab himself when the Nurse tells him of Juliet's grief over Tybalt's death, foreshadowing his suicide at the play's climax.



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