Who are some of the characters from Bud Not Buddy and what are some words that best describe them? Thank You.(You Do'nt have to mention Lefty Lewis or Budd Caldwell).

Expert Answers
pearlepratt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Other than Lefty Lewis and Bud Caldwell, there are several characters in the novel, “Bud, Not Buddy” who impact the plot of the story. For instance, Billy Burns is a bully who lives in one of the orphanages. Also, when Bud strays into the Hooverville, he meets and kisses a young girl, Deza Malone.  Deza is not a prim young lady. Rather, she is curious about boys and bold enough to act on her curiosity.

During the visit to the Hooverville, Bud loses Bugs, his friend and blood brother, when Bugs runs to catch the passing train. He and Bugs had been good friends. In fact, Bugs found Bud to ask him if he wanted to ride the trains with him. Bugs was loyal and brave.  He wanted to travel the country with Bud.

Bud believes that the cranky band member, Herman E. Calloway, is his father despite the fact that he has no absolute proof.  Calloway is impatient and pushy. Miss Thomas is also in the band; yet, she is compassionate. She has a delicate concern for Bud and the other band members treat him kindly because she does so. Herman E. Calloway is the only one who hesitates to warmly receive Bud.