In The Outsiders, who are the Socs and what are their values?

Expert Answers
Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Socs occupy the highest rung in the teenage society of the novel. They are the cool, popular rich kids who wear good clothes, drive nice cars, make good grades, and receive preferential treatment at school and in the community. They feel superior to the Greasers, who do not share their advantages. The Socs value their place in society, their sense of superiority, and their possessions. They also value loyalty to their own group to the exclusion of others.  Randy Adderson and Cherry Valance are the only Socs who show any understanding or demonstrate any friendship for anyone who isn't a part of their social class.

alejandro413 | Student

In the story The Outsiders, the Socs are considered the bad guys when in reality, they were just rich greasers. They are the rich kids who value each other over anyone else, they get good grades, cars, clothes, and are high in the social ranks. Their values are to be the very best and always succeed they value their rank and their accomplishments. They also value loyalty, respect, and each other(sound familiar). They are just as bad and as good as the Greasers only richer and a tad bit selfish to themselves and their group.

ashleeh | Student

They're the rich kids on the south side of town. And they don't have any values. They think that since they live on the south and they have money that thats all they need to be better then everyone else.