Who is Mr. Thomas and the blitz in this story? What do they do?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Thomas is Old Misery, the man who owns the house that the boys set out to destroy in the story. Mr. Thomas used to be a builder and decorator and he has a beautiful home that ironically was built so well that it survived the first blitz. The blitz that is spoken of in the story is in references to a large aerial bombing attack that struck the area years ago and all that was left standing after it was Old Misery's home. In the allegorical approach to the story Mr. Thomas, a.k.a. Old Misery represents the Sinahlese voters and his home represents the Sri Lakan state. The short story is an allegory for the decline or destruction of the post independent Sri Lankan state.

purplegrapes | Student

Thomas is Old Misery who's home the Gang sets out to destroy

The Blitz were the months during which the azis bombed the British residential are, the story shows the aftermath of the bombing and is set in post WW2 and The Blitz symbolizes the efects it had on the society namely the teens who are the most impressionable..They are:

- devoid of feelings

- suppressed emotions

- teens have extra energy and they need an output, they channel the energy by the only way they know, the only life they have seen:destruction

-Morals, decency, respect are completely absent.

- The respect for the upperclass of the society is lost. The sate of mind is extremely peplexed.


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