Who sings the song when Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella?who is singing in the background when edward is sucking the venom out of bella--this is from the movie--not the book

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Robert Pattinson is the singer.

The song's name is "Let Me Sign". He also composed the other song "Never Think" which is used in the scene at the Cullen's home at the piano.

He is also the actor who plays Edward Cullen.

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In the movie, I believe it is Robert Pattinson's voice singing in the background.  He is featured on the soundtrack of the movie, and can also be heard singing in the background when Edward and Bella are visiting in the Italian restaurant after he rescues her from the thugs who tried to attack her in Port Angeles.

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When Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella, in Chapter 23, there are only two other people present, Alice and Carlyle. As Bella drifts in her "poisoned" state, she says she heard "the happiest sound my mind could conjure up..."(452). She refers to this sound as "an angel calling my name..."(452). But as this section continues, it seems that the angel is Edward calling to Bella.  There is no mention in the chapter, at least none I could find, to anyone "singing" to Bella as Edward saves her.  Both Alice and Carlyle have some dialogue in the chapter, but there is no singing.

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Robert Pattinson is actually singing the song. It is called 'Let Me Sign' and that happens when he is sucking the venom out of Bella. There is another song he sings in the soundtrack which is 'Never thinks' and this is when he rescues her in Port Angeles

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Yes, like everyone else has answered, Robert Pattinson sings the song "Let me sign," which is playing while he (He plays Edward Cullen) sucks the venom out of Bell in the movie.

He also sings the song "Never Thinks," which is playing while he and Bella are at dinner in the restaurant after he rescues her in Port Angeles...Such a beautiful artist!

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my dear-- I am positive -- Robert Pattinson sings that song--let it sign, is the name of it. Wonderful, isn't it!!?? Robert also sings a song at the very beggining of the movie, not sure of the name, but, it's when bella, phil, and renee are pulling out of their driveway in their arizona home... Mr. Pattinson also sings while playing the piano at the Cullens' humble abode =)