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Simon Legree is the embodiment of pure evil.  He is a slaveowner who is not bothered with the moral implications and ethical consequences of his actions.  He is one who enjoys tormenting his slaves and takes pride in exercising complete control over them.  Simon Legree occupies the role of the ultimate force of negation which exists in slavery.  Stowe needed to develop the vision of a master that embodies the true horror of slavery.  The sadistic joy that Simon takes in the hurt and torture of his slaves makes him such an important character in the narrative.

For Stowe, the intent of showing slavery as the ultimate form of evil only happens with Simon Legree.  Through Simon's characterization, the reader understands how bad slavery is and how much a moral affront it truly is.  It is in this condition in which Simon operates.  In Simon's desire to be seen as ultimate master, Stowe has offered a vision as to how morally corrupt slavery is.  It is in this light in which Simon operates in the narrative. 

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