Who are similar artists to William Kentridge? Im looking for artist who have done similar art work to William Kentridge. PLease Help ME it is for my Art Project At least 2 or 3 artist Thanks Enotes

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The way he makes his mini films... the one design and the changing/erasing of it, is similar to some DaDa and Surrealist films by Man Ray and Salvador Dali. The manipulated film and their original subjects.

If you just look at the drawings, sketches, and prints, they are very overworked with the element of line. Derek Hess is another artist who uses some principals of figure drawing to create his illustrations. They are filled with rough lines, repeated, similar to Kentridge.

If you wanted to explore similarity through influences, look at any political artist. Shepard Fairey is a good example. There are a lot of political tag artists and those who are more into the graphic design art.

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