In The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, who showed Corrie her sister, Betsie's body?

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The Hiding Place is an inspirational account by Corrie ten Boom of her life after the Nazi occupation of Holland. It is her sister, Betsie, whose inert goodness and capacity for forgiveness that both frustrates and inspires Corrie. After Betsie's death, Corrie comes to a realization that she owes it to Betsie to share their story, as Betsie had always said "...must tell people what we have learned here..."(Ch 14)

Betsie is transferred to the hospital and Corrie is desperate to visit her but she is not permitted to do so, despite having a "pass" from "The Snake" as Corrie calls the officer. However, Corrie does manage to look through the window. She sees "a carving in old yellow ivory.." which, in fact, is a deceased Betsie. Desperate to get to her and uncaring whether she gets caught, Corrie intends to climb through the washroom window but stops herself for fear of seeing that her sister had been taken and left there.

Mien, a dutch woman that the sisters had met previously at Vught and who is assigned to the hospital, finds her wandering and takes her to the washroom and through the window where she now sees Betsie, at peace - "Stronger! Freer! This was the Betsie of heaven..."


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