Who should be indicted for a crime in The Crucible?  Use pathos, ethos and logos to explain.

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Abigail should be indicted for a crime because her actions were instrumental in stirring the ashes of chaos into a conflagration. Using pathos, or emotional pursuits, to explain why Abigail should be indicted, one must look at the fallout from her actions.  People died.  People who were good, like Rebecca Nurse, were put to death for no other reason than the hysteria that was the result of Abigail's selfishness.  Abigail wanted to cover up her actions, along with those of the other girls who went into the woods that fateful night that Reverend Hale encounterd the girls and Tituba dancing around.  Abigail found that the cry of "Witch!" directed at Tituba in Act 1 directed people's attentions away from her and her actions.  As soon as Rev. Hale begins to accuse Abigail of hiding something, of leading the other girls in their actions in the forext, Tituba enters the scene and Abigail finds a scapegoat.  It is completely unethical (ethos) of Abigail to do this.  She is acting purely out of selfishness.  Furthermore, Abigail accuses many other people of witchery, including her rival for John Putnam's affections, his wife, Elizabeth.  Abigail does not believe that Elizabeth is guilty, she merely wants Elizabeth out of the picture so Abigail can have a better chance of getting John.  Also, Abigail threatens the other girls to get them to do as she wishes.  When Mary tells the court that she and the other girls were lying about being pestered by witches and Abigail points the finger at Mary, Mary changes her testitmony and sides with Abigail again, (Act 3).  Finally, logos, or logic, shows that Abigail should be indicted because her actions led directly to the deaths of others.  Logically, Abigail is guilty of murder, even though she did not commit the physical act of killing, her words as accusations, caused people to be sentenced to death as witches.

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abigail should be punished for the crime. because she accused of witchcraft on innocent people. she tried to get most of the women hanged, especially elizabeth because abigail wants to be with mr. proctor who is elizabeth's husband.

abigail always did things that are against he religion. she blames on tituba for the crime she comitted. she puts a needle in the puppet that mary warren made for elizabeth. she loves Proctor for lust. but finally she made proctor get hanged.