Harrison Bergeron Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Who shoots Harrison Bergeron in "Harrison Bergeron"?

In "Harrison Bergeron," Diana Moon Glampers shoots Harrison Bergeron while he is suspended in mid-air with his empress.

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In Vonnegut's celebrated short story "Harrison Bergeron," the dystopian United States government has mandated uniformity to ensure complete equality throughout society. In the short story, exceptionally talented, attractive, and intelligent citizens are required to wear cumbersome handicaps which significantly limit their abilities, making them equal in all facets of life with everyone else. The vigilant agents of the United States Handicapper General are responsible for ensuring complete uniformity and make sure every talented civilian is complying with the laws by wearing their required handicaps. Diana Moon Glampers is the Handicapper General in charge of the entire operation and is portrayed as a callous, violent woman who represents the oppressive regime determined to ensure uniformity.

George and Hazel's son, Harrison Bergeron, is depicted as an impressive physical specimen. He stands seven feet tall and is forced to wear heavy, cumbersome handicaps. He is also an extremely athletic genius and was imprisoned for plotting to overthrow the government. After escaping jail, Harrison Bergeron manages to break into a television studio that is hosting a dance competition and declares himself the emperor. He then rips off his handicaps, chooses himself an empress, and gracefully leaps into the air with a beautiful ballerina. When Harrison and the ballerina hover close to the ceiling, they kiss each other in mid-air just as Diana Moon Glampers enters the studio, wielding a double-barreled shotgun. Diana Moon Glampers fires twice, killing Harrison and his empress.