Who is Shield Sheafson? How do the Danes feel about him? Name his descendants for three generations?In the epic poem, Beowulf, who is Scyld Scefing (aka Shild)?

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Scyld Scefling is a revered king of the Danes. He rose to power after fleeing to Denmark as an abandoned child. He ruled a great kingdom (conquering lands anywhere the seas could take his soldiers) and honored his soldiers with glory and rewards. His rule led to peace and prosperity in Denmark, and his reputation increased with each generation.

His son, Beowulf I, rules equally well. Healfdene followed Beowulf I, and then Hrothgar reigned. It was during Hrothgar's reign the Grendel began to terrorize the Danes.

The epic protagonist, Beowulf, is a Geat, and not a direct relation to Scyld Scefling or his descendents, but does rule with the honorable qualities this first great Danish king established.

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