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Shen Fu, aslso known as Shen Sanbai, was a Chinese writer. He was born in Changzhou in 1763 and died in 1865.

Shen Fu was renowned for his autobiographical novel Six Records of a Floating Life. The novel depicts the normal and everyday life for Shen Fu, while living during the Qing Dynasty. The novel portrays both Chen Yu's love for his wife, Chen Yun, and the tragic story of Shen Fu's parent's rejection of him.

The novel was written in six different sections, but only four of the parts are known to have survived. The first printing of the novel was in 1877 and the fourth printing of the novel was in 1808. The title of the autobigraphical novel was based upon a line from a poem written by a Tang poet named Li Bai (sometimes known as, or referred to as Li Po).

While not much is really known about Shen Fu (outside of Chinese history), it has been recorded that he was not only a writer, but a private secretary, painter, and businessman as well.