Who is sent from heaven to judge Adam and Eve after the fall

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gpane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Book 10, God's Son is sent to talk with Adam and Eve after they have fallen into sin. The Son will exercise judgement on them and decree their punishment, but he is also full of pity for them. He reproves Adam for having listened to Eve over God's command, and also punishes the serpent for having led Eve astray, condemning hiim and his kind to always remain on the ground, and in perpetual conflict with mankind. As to Eve, the Son declares that as punishment she will have to always submit to Adam and will suffer pain in childbirth. Because of their sin in disobeying God's commands, both Adam and Eve have to leave Eden and work for their living, and eventually die. The Son however appears more of a protector than judge, as he gives them covering and speaks words of comfort.

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