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In the book The Palace Thief, Sedgewick Bell Jr. is Senator Bell’s son. He is first introduced as a new student at St. Benedict’s School where Mr. Hundert, an advocate of integrity, taught. Sedgewick is such a ruthless student that he cheats to a near win during a much awaited history competition which Mr. Hundert oversaw. He slacks at his school work and engages in all manner of indiscipline behavior such as smoking cigarettes. However, he is popular among his fellow students and almost clinches the student president slot on two occasions. Years after he left St. Benedict’s, Sedgewick becomes the chairman of a reputable company. He extends an invite to Mr. Hundert to supervise a rematch of the history competition that had been held years earlier. During the competition, Sedgewick cheats yet again, to Mr. Hundert’s surprise. Sedgewick proceeds in his corrupt ways and ends up a senator just like his father was.

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