In Sula, who says that she loves Sula but does not like her?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sula's mother Hannah tells Sula that she loves her but does not like her.  Hannah does not have attachments with anyone, so even though she is Sula's mother, her reaction is not entirely surprising.  Hannah is an outcast in the town mostly because her behavior is promiscuous.  Hannah sleeps with other women's husbands, so the neighborhood women obviously do not like her.  The town prostitutes also shun Hannah because she sleeps with men for free, taking business away from them.  Hannah has a tense relationship with her mother Eva, but she returns to the house to care for Eva when she gets older, feeling that it is her responsibility to do so.  This sense of responsibility dictates Hannah to love Sula, but her detachment prevents her from liking her own daughter.

tlady1960 | Student

Her mother Hannah