Who said "You don't own this mountain...I'll go where i please" in The Bronze Bow?This answer should require a page number to the answer.

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is Joel who said, "You don't own this mountain.  And neither does Rosh.  I'll go where I please!".

Joel directs this statement to Daniel, who has ordered him to "get down the road as fast as you can".  Daniel, who has been living in the mountains as part of the rebel band headed by Rosh, has just shared a lunch with Joel and his sister Malthace, who had come up the road for a picnic.  In addition to the meal, Joel and Malthace had brought Daniel news about what was going on in the village below, and how the family he had left behind was faring.  As Joel and Malthace are preparing to return home, Daniel is accosted by Ebol, one of Rosh's sentries, who has come to inform him that his help is needed.  The band is about to undertake a raid on a passing caravan, hoping to steal away a particularly powerful-looking slave.  Joel, sensing that something exciting is about to transpire, wants to participate, but Daniel, knowing that Rosh is certainly watching, rudely and urgently orders him to leave.  It is then that Joel angrily responds, 'You don't own this mountain...I'll go where I please!" (Chapters 1-2).

The quote you are asking about is on the second page of Chapter 2, page 16 in my copy (Houghton Mifflin 1961), although the page numbers in your edition may be different.