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steph-rose eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rosa Maria is Jose's wife. They meet when she answers his personal ad, and they marry despite the fact that his friends see her as unattractive as well as immoral, thanks to what they consider a seedy background. Once Jose and Rosa are married, Jose tries to be better in his life, but this quickly bores him and he becomes deeply unsatisfied with his dull life. Meanwhile, Rosa begins to constantly pressure Jose that they need a new house for them and their unborn baby, as well as other comforts. Jose becomes more and more aggressive in his restlessness, first stealing and then murdering in order to gain what he wants. The stress of their lives deeply affects Rosa, who gets sick and eventually aborts their child. At this point, she decides to go back to living with her parents, as Jose is gone all the time, anyway. She is eventually abducted by cult members who end up killing her in a brutal sacrifice intended to purge the world of evil.