Who is Rosemary and why did she ask for release?

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Rosemary was the last Receiver of Memory in training before Jonas.  She was The Giver’s daughter as well.  The Receiver of Memory holds all the memories for the community.  Rosemary entered training but only remained for a short time.  The Giver tried to give her only positive memories because he did not want to hurt her.  Unfortunately, it was necessary to give her memories of pain because that is one of the responsibilities of The Receiver.

When Rosemary first received memories of pain, she was not able to handle it.  She requested release immediately.  She also chose to inject herself.  Rosemary committed suicide because she did not want a life of pain.

Since Rosemary, Jonas and Gabriel all have pale eyes, it is likely that they are all related, and the capacity to see beyond is inherited.

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