Who is Richmond from Richard III?

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As with every historical play that Shakespeare produced, Richard III contains an array of characters, some with several titles, and so it can be difficult to keep track of who's who in British History. However, Richmond, the character who appears in this play, is Henry, the Earl of Richmond, who actually becomes King Henry VII afterwards. He can be said to be the antagonist of King Richard III, as he is from the House of Lancaster and raises an army to find against the rule of Richard III. Although this is quite a major part of the play, Richmond is a minor character. He acts as a foil in the play to the devilish tyranny of his opponent. You might want to consider how the speeches that both of these characters make in Act V scene 3 are compared and contrasted. Perhaps to seal the goodness of his character, after his success on the battlefield, Richmond effectively ends the War of the Roses by becoming King and marrying Elizabeth from the House of York.

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