In "The Crucible" who are Reverend Parris, Betty, and Abigail?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reverend Parris is the reverend of the town of Salem, Massachucets.  In those Puritan times, the reverend was a very important man in the town; people looked to him for moral and spiritual guidance, and he was seen as a man ordained by God to lead the people.  He was also looked to for many decisions regarding the law.  His daughter is Betty.  Betty, in the opening scene, is lying on her bed, not speaking, eating or sleeping.  She has broken into hysterics a couple times, saying that she wants her mama, who is dead, and that she will fly to find her.  This causes Parris great concern, so he sends for the doctor, who can't find anything wrong with her, medically.  Abigail is Parris' niece; her parents died when she was young, so Parris took her in, and when she wasn't working in other people's homes as their servant (like the Proctor household), she has lived with Parris.  Abby, Betty, and many other girls in the town were caught by Parris, dancing in the woods the night before the play opens, so that is why Betty is acting weird; she is scared that she will get in trouble for dancing, which is forbidden in that town.

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some of the main characters of the book