Who is responsible for teaching students about Internet safety?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I tend to think that it is the job of parents/ guardians and teachers to educate students on what digital citizenship entails.  It is critical for parents/ guardians to assume a major role in discourse with their children as to what is internet safety, the dangers in not using the internet wisely, and how there has to be a code of digital citizenship that they uphold even if others do not.  This is a lesson that has to fall in the domain of parents/ guardians.  Much of internet exploration happens outside of the realm of school.  The use of social networking, information technology, and the vast array of what the internet offers happens in the home or in realms where parents/ guardians have to be vigilant.  When students post on Instagram, it is probably happening with regularity at home or away from school.  In this, parents/guardians have to seize the opportunity to teach their kids about internet safety.

These lessons must be reaffirmed at school.  As technology is becoming more intrinsic to the modern classroom and as teacher evaluations are becoming more dependent on the use of technology, teachers have to take the time to teach lessons about internet safety and acceptable use of the internet to students.  Some of these lessons might overlap with the instruction parents/ guardians are giving.  However, when the issue of digital citizenship and safety are being taught by teachers as well as parents/ guardians, there is a greater chance that students will understand these lessons.  In this, the job is not simply one realm or the other.  It is something within which all parties must participate and one in which focus must be given.