In The Tempest by William Shakespeare, who is responsible for Prospero and Miranda being on the island?

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In The Tempest by William Shakespeare, the evil Duke Antonio is responsible for Prospero and Miranda being on the island.

Before the beginning of the play, Prospero was the Duke of Milan. His younger brother, Antonio, was helping Prospero handle the practical side of administering the dukedom, and decided to usurp the dukedom for himself. He does this by placing Prospero and Miranda, who is a baby at this time, on a boat made of such rotten wood that it is guaranteed to sink. Prospero's boat is, indeed, shipwrecked, and he and Miranda are stranded on the island.

Prospero describes his brother's betrayal of him as follows:

... in my false brother
awakened an evil nature, and my trust,
like a good parent, did beget !of him
A falsehood in its contrary as great
As my trust was, which had, indeed, no limit, ...

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after reading the story I think that antonio, the brother of duke prospero and the king of naples are responsible for Prospero and miranda being banished on the island.

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