What aspects of courage are shown in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

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blacksheepunite eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Atticus is courageous because he goes against the norms of his society in choosing to defend a black man accused of raping a white woman. He is a man who confronts the prejudice in his society.

Tom is courageous in helping Mayella even though it is potentially dangerous. He is a man who helps his neigbours, and who does not let colour get in the way of right action.

Miss Maudie is courageous in facing her life after her house burns down. She is a woman who sees the postive in the midst of disaster. She always looks at the bright side, even when the situation would destroy the heart of others.

Mrs. Duboise is courageous in fighting the addiction to morphine she has aquired while she was ill. She is a woman who wants so badly to be clear when she dies that she is willing to put herself through physical torment to get there.

Jem is courageous in reading with Mrs. Duboise even though she scares him witless. He does the right thing even though it makes him uncomfortable.

Boo is courageous twice, first, when he brings Scout the blanket as they watch the fire, next, when he saves Jem and Scout from the violent attack. Boo's courage is, perhaps, the greatest, for he rarely leaves the house, but he conquers that fear to save the people he loves.

The sherrif is also courageous, for he is willing to risk his integrity as a professional to protect a man who is guity according to the law, but innocent according to every other moral law known to him. He is willing to distort the truth and lie in his report so that Boo will be spared a trial. In doing this, he puts his humanity above the rules, and this takes extreme courage.



dbrassard eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The greatest act of courage found in the book is that of Atticus’ defense of Tom Robinson. He is doing what is right, defending an innocent man. However, it is not accepted behavior of a white man in the south, especially during the 1930s, to choose to side with a black man instead of his white accuser. The farmers, like Walther Cunningham, come to the city to take Tom from jail and hang him. Atticus faces this mob and stands his ground.

Like his father, Jem knows what these men are doing is wrong. It is his fear for his father’s wellbeing and his courage to take a stand for what is right that causes him to go to Atticus’ side.

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose, a neighbor of the Finches, wants to face death free from her morphine addition. Her courage, with Jem's comfort through his reading to her, allows her to face her death with dignity.

jenn92 | Student

I read this last year and from what I can think of.. the dad shows courage for trying to defend a black man

Bo has courage to actually step out of his house to save that girl (I forget her name at the moment)

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