Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

by Jerome K. Jerome

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Who is referred to as an angel in Three Men in a Boat, and why?

Expert Answers

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This story surfaces in Chapter XII, when narrator J. tells a tale from a previous trip. He and George and Harris once needed to find a place to stay overnight in the town of Datchet, but they had gotten there late, and they weren’t very successful at finding a decent place. They passed up two inns, and both were full by the time they came back to check again. They asked residents for help and investigated three more places. All of these were full, too. The three friends were frustrated, but help suddenly and magically appeared. J. remembered: “At that moment an angel came by in the disguise of a small boy.” They followed him to his mother’s house. The accommodations weren’t top notch, but the men at least got a good meal and small beds to sleep in—all because of a child who showed up at the right time.

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