Moderato Cantabile Questions and Answers
by Marguerite Duras

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Who recognizes Anne in Chapter Two of Moderato Cantabile?

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Chauvin, who remains unnamed in this chapter, is the one to recognize Anne in the cafy.  This is the beginning of their interaction, and their level of acquaintance is unclear.  Anne does not know his name, though he knows not only her name, but her name, address, and details about her husband. She does recognize him, however, and small details suggest a level of intimacy:

"Mechanically the hand reached for the glass. He made a sign to the patronne for some more wine. Anne Desbaresdes did not protest; on the contrary, she seemed to expect it" (73).

The expectation of his actions suggests knowledge of his character.  However, although that knowledge is scant on her side, she is drawn to remain with him for an indeterminate amount of time.  In him, she finds someone with whom to discuss the murder, and someone who seems able to provide explanation. Her unease is underscored by the wine she drinks, getting visibly drunk.  That Chauvin supplies the wine is indicative of his desire to have dominance over her and her decisions.

Others recognize Anne in the course of the afternoon, and the narrator informs us of their surprise in finding her in the cafy.  We don't know why they are surprised, but the suggestion alone foreshadows the illicit relationship in Anne's future. 

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