Who received a new gown from Croiriers in Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The receiver of the gown is a minor character in a yellow dress named Lucille, who is a guest at Gatsby's party in Chapter 3.  The ladies are gossiping about Gatsby and his opulent celebrations, and Lucille recalls that at his last gathering she tore her gown on a chair. Gatsby asked her name and address, and within a week sent a new evening gown from Croirier's as a replacement.  The gown was exquisite - "gas blue with lavender beads...two hundred and sixty-five dollars".  Lucille's companion observes that "there's something funny about a fellow that'll do a thing like that...he doesn't want any trouble with anybody", and the conversation turns to rumors about Gatsby's supposedly shady past.

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