Who is Ralph Describe him

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Ralph is a tall and well liked boy who stands up to be a leader of the boys upon their crashing on the island.  He is blonde and handsome and has great ambitions to be respected, but he also lacks some confidence and doesn't always understand exactly how to get the boys to follow him.  This is in comparison to Jack, who clearly understands what the boys want and assumes they will eventually gravitate towards him.

Ralph also represents some of the societal norms and the idea of rules and governance as he attempts to get the boys to follow a sort of system in order to make things work on the island and to facilitate a rescue.

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Ralph is the novel’s protagonist. He is a twelve-year-old English boy, elected leader of the group marooned on the island. He tries to coordinate the efforts to build a mini civilization on the island until they can be rescued. Ralph represents the civilizing instinct of humans.

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He is the main protagonist of the story and the elected leader among the boys. He is not really the strongest and smartest of the boys at all but has some sort of charisma  and is quite handsome looking. He tries to keep law and order by keeping his boys focusing on domestic stuff and orders and the rules and regulations of civilization, but these things cost him his place and authority and even his sad life as the Jack usurped the leader's place through a showcase of brutal power, bringing Ralph's rule to a disastrous end, leaving him in the wild (forest).

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Ralph is tall, fair haired, and has a father in the Navy. He is the children's natural leader, and leads them at the beginning. However he is unable to exert his authority and does not have the ability to lead the children and save them from savagery.