who is Queen Victoria? Did she have any impact on her time as queen? On literature?

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Queen Victoria, born Alexandrina Victoria, daughter of Princess Victoria of Sake-Coburg-Saalfeld and Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, was Queen of England longer than any other ruler of England. She assumed the throne of England after the death of her uncle William IV when she was just eighteen; Victoria ruled as Queen of England and queen of Ireland from 1837-1901, and Empress of India from 1878-1901. She was married to Prince Albert, who was from the same duchy as Victoria's mother, a place that is now part of Bavaria. Devoted to Albert, Victoria had five boys and four girls. Her arranging of marriages of these children helped to avoid conflicts with several countries: Norway, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Rumania, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

During Queen Victoria's reign, she had a good relationship with Lord Melbourne, the prime minister, who really carried the political power since

The Reform Act of 1832 had set the standard of legislative authority residing in the House of Lords, with executive authority resting within a cabinet formed of members of the House of Commons

During Queen Victoria's reign, England's reformed government avoided the political struggles on the European continent. It stayed out of wars except for the 1848 Irish Uprising and the Boer Wars of 1881, 1899-1902 and a rebellion in India in 1857. Victoria's reign is most known for the industrial expansion, economic progression, and the building of an empire as England acquired Canada, Austrialia, and India. The Victorian Age came to be known as an era of Religion, Morality, industrialism, Improvement, and Elitism, perhaps because of the example of the queen who ruled her children very strictly and held herself to proper standards.

The attitudes of the political and social world certainly affected the literary world. Such writers as Charles Dickens satirized what he considered a frivolous upper class and he presented the terrible conditions in which the poor worked and lived in the industrial cities. Other writers reflected the self-consciousness of the age, the desire to reflect the progress and modernity of the era, the idealism and the originality of the age, presentation of ethical values with protagonists whose lives could act as examples. Further, as Victorian writers were perceived as heroes, writing was meant to instruct and instill value.

pashmina1 | Student

Queen Victoria was the laziest Queen in the history of England Monarchy. As she never concerns about her people , the poor were becoming poor and the rich becoming richest day by day. that was the age of hunger, poverty but on the other hand, the industrial revolution was on peak as rural were migrating towards city for earning purpose therefore the condition of poverty increased. for example: even children were becoming Chimney Sweepers only to have one time meal. Queen Victoria was just not concern with these issues as for her those were pity ones. In Literature, many writers wanted to reform their society with the true spirit of Literature. As every writer was seeing the difficulties of their age. Matthew Arnold, John Ruskin, Carlyle, Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning and many others who contributed in the field of Literature.