Who is the protagonist in this book?

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The protagonist of  The Midwife's Apprentice begins with the least promising future you could imagine in any character, yet by the end of the novel “she has moved far beyond the desperate struggle just to survive and become a person who knows ."  She is known in the beginning only as Brat, but  after she digs herself into a village dung heap to keep warm the local boys torment her with cries of '"Dung beetle! Dung beetle! Smelly old dung beetle sleeping in the dung.'" A woman comes by, scatters the taunting boys, awards Brat the new name Beetle, and meagerly feeds the starving girl in exchange for work.  Beetle becomes the apprentice to the greedy, mean and often cruel midwife, Jane.  She eventually becomes known as Alyce.

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The protagonist in this book is Brat who is later called Beetle  and finally takes the name Alyce.  The protagonist is always the central figure or main character in the book. 

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