Who are the protagonist and antagonist in "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"?

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As the answer before me has already noted, Twain's story here is a frame story, which works on two separate layers. On the first level, there's Twain's narrator, who is looking for news on Leonidas Smiley and is tricked into listening to a story of Jim Smiley. On the second level, there's the story of Jim Smiley and his frog.

On the second level (the story-within-a-story), I think the protagonist and antagonist is clear-cut. The protagonist is Jim Smiley, with his specially trained jumping frog, while the antagonist is the outsider, who takes a bet against Smiley's jumping frog and puts quail shot down its throat in order to win.

On the first level, I think protagonist and antagonist might be somewhat interchangeable. On the one side, as the answer before me has noted, there's the viewpoint character who has been goaded into listening to a pointless story, thus wasting his time. From that perspective, one would say that Twain's narrator is the protagonist and...

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