Who is the protagonist in "Lullaby"?

epollock | Student

The central character in the story is Ayah, and she is obviously more sympathetic than her husband, Chato. Ayah is strong, and she endures despite all the adversities she has experienced. Somehow she lives through her many childbirths, and in order to keep Ella and Danny with her she takes them up into a mountain, where she tries to shelter them until the doctors and police take them from her. She somehow blames Chato for this, and has nothing to do with him for years until he is infirm and needs her to sleep next to him to keep him warm. Chato has not been as much of a rock as Ayah, but for many years he had worked seriously to keep his family housed and fed. Regrettably, when his work collapses, he gives in. He squanders his monthly check to get himself drunk, and at the story’s end it is clear that his life is over. 

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