Who are the protagonist and antagonist of "Julius Caesar"? What did they do?Please make answer at 10th grade level and have as much detail as possible.

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There are many disagreements about this issue, actually, and a case can be made for several different answers.

Here are some of these scenarios and rationales:

- Julius Caesar is the protagonist, or hero.  This is because the play is named after him, and he is the leader of Rome during the play.  If Caesar is the hero, then the antagonists become the group of conspirators who plot to kill him.

- Brutus is the hero.  He is the one who truly loves Rome, and acts honorably out of a sincere desire to do what is good for Rome.  If Brutus is the hero, then the antagonist can be Cassius or Caesar, because at different times in the play both work against Brutus.

- Antony is the hero.  He is the one who acted honorably thorughout the play, making positive choices and not trying to kill anyone.  He is loyal to his friend, Caesar, and after Caesar's death he tries to take down the conspirators who threatened the Roman government.

You can decide for yourself which of these scenarios you think is the most valid, and support that one.

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