Who are the prejudiced characters in Twelve Angry Men?

Expert Answers
dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Each juror, with the exception of #8, enters the jury room with an individual prejudice. Whether it stems from a personal experience which has jaded the individual, stereotypical behavior, selfishness, arrogance, or mere indifference, each juror brings a preconceived notion of the defendant into that jury room. This creates turmoil between the individual jurors, thus enhancing the definition of prejudice in and of itself. It is only through the conflicts between them that they are ultimately able to recognize the gravity of their purpose, and put aside their 'baggage' in order to execute their Constitutional duty as best they could.

miseson | Student

Juror number 9 thought, quickly from the beginning catches on to what juror 8 is saying;(since juror 8 at the begining is the only one who tries to take this case seriously, where the other 11 vote guilty.)

dagerm | Student

the most prejudiced is number 10, with his outburst towards the end. 3 and 7 follow close behind.