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Sodapop and Darry are Ponyboy's brothers in The Outsiders. Sixteen-year-old Sodapop Curtis is a happy-go-lucky kid who works at a gas station. Sodapop is known for his good looks and positive personality. He gets along with Ponyboy and acts as a buffer between their older brother Darry. Behind Sodapop's cheerful character is a young man who has endured difficulties throughout life. Sodapop dropped out of school to help support the family and is going through a rough break up with the love of his life, Sandy. Soda's complex character is examined throughout the novel.

Darry is Ponyboy's oldest brother who is twenty years old. Darry is extremely rough on Ponyboy because he is Pony's primary caretaker. Darry was forced to decline an athletic scholarship in order to work two jobs to support the family. Ponyboy views him with contempt for the majority of the novel because he feels Darry is too hard on him. At first, Ponyboy misinterprets Darry's good intentions, but realizes that his brother loves him by the end of the novel. Darry is a buff, smart, hard-working kid, who is loyal to his friends. Ponyboy mentions that Darry is nothing like a Greaser and should be a Soc, but Darry loves his friends, so he stays faithful to the Greasers.

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