Who planned the invasion of Poland during WW2?was it franz halder or somebody else,you decide

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Franz Halder eventually fell out of favor with Hitler, mainly because he diasgreed with him about the strenghth of the Russian army and the invasion of France. People who disagreed with Hitler did not last long, and he was eventually replaced, arrested by the Gestapo, and sent to a camp. When I was looking into this for you, I found an interesting source. Here is a first person deposition for Franz Halder himself, taken after the war. Poland is mentioned. http://www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/genocide/Halder.htm
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According to John Keegan's Who's Who in World War II, it was indeed Franz Halder who planned and led not just the invasion of Poland but of France as well. He also drew up plans for the invasion of England that never materialized, and for the invasion of Russia. He was not an admirer of Hitler, and conspired against him on several different occasions. He was freed from Dachau, where Hitler had him imprisoned after the bombing plot in 1944, and testified against the Nazi regime at Nuremberg.


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