Who is Pickwick in the book The Hiding Place?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pickwick was a friend of Mr. ten Boom and a member of the Dutch Underground who indirectly secures the secret room for the ten Boom family.  The Dutch Underground, of course, worked secretly against the Germans.  They rescued Allied pilots.  They blew up trains carrying German ammunition.  They released as many Dutch people as they could.  They called this particular Dutch Underground member "Pickwick" because they were fond of a book by Charles Dickens called the Pickwick Papers, and he looked a lot like a picture within that book.  Pickwick told the other members of the Dutch Underground that Corrie was hiding Jewish people, and they flew to her aid:  some offering forms of identification, some offering cars, . . . and one offering his service as an architect.  It was that architect, who went by the pseudonym Mr. Smit, that suggested and built the secret room for the ten Boom family.  Therefore, indirectly because of Pickwick, Mr. Smit built a perfect secret room the even the Gestapo couldn't find.  (Unfortunately, Pickwick is arrested in the same sweep as Corrie.)