Who are Peter's partners for his school project in Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?    

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 7 of Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Peter, the narrator, informs the reader that his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Haver, gave their class a project to do. She had grouped the class into partnerships based on where the students lived. Since Peter lives in the same apartment building as Sheila and Jimmy lives in a different building on the same block, Peter is partnered to work with Jimmy and Sheila.

Both Jimmy and Peter hate the idea of having to work with Sheila because they think she is a pesky, bossy, "know-it-all" (p. 20). However, at first, their project goes off without a hitch. They have been assigned to make a poster, write a booklet, and give an oral report on New York City transportation. After school, on the first day of their project, they buy a poster board and visit the library to take out all the information they can on the city's transportation. They agree to meet every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in Peter's room and also agree that the boys should make the poster while Sheila makes the booklet. They further agree that the boys should each write 5 pages of the booklet while Sheila does the other 10. Despite their quarrels as a group, they were nearly finished with their project, with a week to spare, when Fudge intrudes on Peter's room when no one is looking and scribbles all over their completed poster. Luckily, Jimmy is a good sport about needing to do the poster again. At the end of the chapter, Peter reports that Mrs. Haver praised their work.

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