In Andrew Clements' novel Frindle, who is Pete?

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In Andrew Clements’ novel Frindle, Nick Allen is a highly precocious fifth-grader at Lincoln Elementary School prone to adventurous stunts and sometimes outlandish ideas.  One such idea involves the invention of a new word, frindle, to replace the word “pen” in everyday use.  Nick’s idea is to see whether he can successfully embed his new word into the American lexicon by insisting that his friends – his “secret agents” – use the word at every opportunity and plant it in the subconscious of as many of his fellow students’ minds as he possible.  His “secret agents” dispatched for this mission are Pete, Janet, John, Chris, and Dave.  Adding himself to this list, Nick calculates he has six secret agents dedicated to surreptitiously inserting the word “frindle” into the town’s everyday vocabulary.  Nick’s scheme succeeds beyond his imagination, and the new word becomes a pervasive part of everyday life, much to the consternation of the children’s teacher, Mrs. Granger.  The answer to the question, then, is that Pete is one of Nick’s friends with whom he collaborates in spreading the word.


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