Who is the person who has the least recognized impact on the history of United States?I am interested in people whose contributions have been forgotten or ignored.

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the least appreciated Americans who’s impact on our country is huge, but who has largely gone unknown is Nicola Tesla. Tesla is the man responsible for the electric current running through our homes and businesses today, yet not many people know who he was. This brilliant Serbian immigrant who became an American citizen in 1891 was employed for a short time by the Edison Company where he helped improve various electrical components for a small wage. He eventually left the company and began looking into inventing his own electrical system which would ultimately compete with Edison and win out, eventually becoming the dominant system used nationally.

In addition to his experiments with electricity, Tesla also pioneered wireless communications and the radio, though his work was only theoretical. It is fair to say that without him, there would be no cellular communication or consumer electronics market.