Who are some people who influenced Scout's life in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Scout was influenced both positively and negatively by the people in her life. Here are some of those people:

Positive Influences:

Atticus: Scout admired and trusted her father. He taught her about honesty and empathy. He also influenced her on her ideas about compassion. Scout loved reading because of her father.

Calpurnia: Calpurnia served as a mother figure to Scout. She influenced Scout as she taught her how to be polite and treat everyone with respect.

Miss Maudie: Scout's kind neighbor became a dear friend to her. With Miss Maudie's influence, Scout learned to view her father in a new light. She also learned to understand her brother.

Jem: Scout's brother influenced her to take risks and face her fears. He sometimes pressured her to do things she did not want to do.

Boo Radley: Boo taught Scout how to appreciate people who were different. He also influenced her to become a more compassionate person.

Aunt Alexandra: Scout's aunt influenced her because she encouraged the girl to embrace her own femininity.

Walter Cunningham: Though Scout was angry at Walter, he taught her to walk in someone else's shoes. She eventually came to understand that Walter was a just person in different circumstances than her own.

Negative Influences:

Miss Caroline: Miss Caroline temporarily caused Scout to dislike school. She made Scout's first day at school miserable.

Bob Ewell: Mr. Ewell had an influence on Scout as his actions caused her to question the safety of Maycomb and her life.

Mrs. Merriweather: Scout's eyes were opened to the hypocrisy within Maycomb when Mrs. Merriweather cared more about the Mrunas than the people in her own community.

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