Who is Peon Anderson, from Ms. Zephyr's Notebook?

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Ms. Zephyr's Notebook is a young-adult novel by K.C. Dyer about a pair of students who find the titular notebook and gain insight into their own lives through reading the private notes of a teacher. Francine Peon-Anderson is the name of an administrative assistant at the law firm where Logan's father works. When Logan is injured in a rugby brawl, he is hospitalized, and Logan's father Carter wants him to continue his studies. Peon-Anderson drafts a letter to Ms. Zephyr, who is one of Logan's teachers, explaining Carter's high hopes for Logan and asking for assistance in keeping Logan up with his studies.

He trusts you understand the importance of preparing Logan for a successful experience with the preliminary entrance and scholarship exams, scheduled for the end of Logan's junior year in May.

Your attention to these matters is most appreciated.

Sincerely, Francine Peon-Anderson
Senior Administrative Assistant to Mr. Carter Logan, BSc MBA LLB LLM
(Dyer, Ms. Zephyr's Notebook, Google Books)

Peon-Anderson is not a major character in the book; in fact, this is the only appearance of her name, much less her actual self. Instead, she acts as a detached voice for Carter, who wants his son to succeed as he did; instead of writing the letter himself, he delegates it. This makes Logan feel more alienated and alone, and so shows both Logan's dissatisfaction with his family life, and Carter's inability to relate emotionally with Logan.

trombone224 | Student

Peon Anderson is the Senior Administrative assistant to Mr. Carter Kemp(logan's father).

Peon Anderson's real name is : "Francine Anderson".