Who are the pearl buyers in The Pearl?  

Expert Answers
Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The pearl buyers are dishonest merchants, intent on cheating those people who bring them pearls to sell. They are not independent buyers but in collaboration with a main merchant, who pays them a salary, rather than a profit from each sale. Before Kino brings the pearl to them for a price, they had already heard a rumor of his find. They agree among themselves, in collusion with their employer, what price they will offer for this magnificent pearl. They also agree that they will say that the pearl, as large as it is, is only good for a curiosity. They begin to find other flaws with the pearl. In the end, the price they offer is made to seem as if they were doing a favor by offering Kino the low price. Kino sees through the artifice, however, and decides to wait and go to the city to see what they will offer him. He thinks, though, that the pearl buyers may be right, and he may be out of a chance to sell the pearl.