Who is Peaches, and what made her attractive to the feminist movement?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Peaches is Canadian musician Merrill Beth Nisker's stage name. She is considered to be a provocative singer-songwriter, produces her own recordings, plays various instruments,  programs electronic beats and sees herself as a performance artist and actress. Her music has features in well-known TV shows such as Ugly Betty and she has performed guest vocals with Pink and Christina Aguilera, among others. Some of her lyrics and her performances are not aired due to being potentially offensive. 

Initially a music and drama teacher in Toronto, she transformed herself after being signed up by a recording studio in Berlin. Peaches also later signed with Sony but her refusal to show any restraint eventually led to this relationship ending. She skirts the boundaries of gender identification and her costumes and flamboyant style draw attention to her disregard for conformity and stereotyping, making her attractive to the feminist movement. Furthermore, her production of Jesus Christ Superstar, despite initial refusal from the copyright holders, attracted much media attention persuading the copyright holders to allow this one-woman version and thus highlighting women's apparent versatility. 

Peaches claims that her seemingly outrageous language and behavior that is exhibited in her work and creates a gender theme, is her attempt to create equality between male and female. One such example is her appearance with a full beard on one of her albums. Peaches claims that it is not shock value that she wishes to create but awareness and an appreciation for the perception created through (what she considers to be) every day language when gender is an issue without people even being aware of it; therefore, almost reinforcing it.