Who does Papa want to win the war?

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In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, many Japanese-Americans were forcibly removed from their homes and resettled in internment camps. In Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne and her family have been taken to a remote camp called Fort Lincoln in North Dakota. Once there, Jeanne's father is subjected to detailed interrogation concerning his family ties and political loyalties.

The whole policy of internment was based on the unsubstantiated prejudice that Japanese-Americans presented a potential fifth column of traitors who would assist the country of their ancestors in its war against the United States. And it's clear that Jeanne's father, like so many others, is under suspicion simply on the basis of his ethnicity. After making a number of unfounded accusations against Papa, the interrogator asks him who he wants to win the war. Papa responds by asking the young man whether, if he saw his mother and father fighting, he'd want them to kill each other or stop fighting. Papa is certain that the United States will eventually win the war, and he certainly has no love for the Japanese regime, but he just wants the fighting to stop as soon as possible so that he and his family can return to normality.

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