Who owns the woods and the touch me not cottage?

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The Foster family owns and lives in the touch me not cottage.  The Foster family also owns the nearby woods.  For a brief period in the story, the woods are owned by the man in the yellow suit, but he obtained the woods through devious blackmail.  Both the house and the woods are located in the town of Treegap.  The nickname "touch me not" explains a lot about what the Foster family house is like. People live there, but to call it a home is probably incorrect.  There is no sense of warmth and love within the house.  The Foster family does care for Winnie, but they show it in a way that Winnie does not understand.  The Fosters try to micromanage Winnie and limit everything that she does.  Winnie feels restricted within the confines of her own home.  She may live there, but she can't have any fun.  That's precisely the reason she is considering running away when the reader meets her in the beginning of the book. 

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